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Cork's Whiskey Festival 2017
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Cork’s Whiskey Festival 2017

Never a dull moment in Cork (or in Ireland in general). I’ve only just recovered from the Cork Burger Festival: January 30th – February 5th 2017 we had back at the end of January – beginning of February and where I enjoyed not one but two fantastic nights filled with mouthwatering burgers in Yellow Sub and Electric but now it’s time for the next festival: Cork’s Whiskey Festival 2017!

Celebrating Irish Whiskeys

As home of the best selling Irish whiskey in the world, it only seemed right that Cork had it’s very own Whiskey Festival.

To celebrate whiskeys from Ireland and across the world, the festival is working with some top producers such as Hyde, West Cork Distillers, St Patricks Distillery, Teelings Whiskey, Dingle Whiskey, Jack Ryan Whiskey, Knappogue Castle, Jameson, Single Pot Still, Bulleit Bourbon, Nikka and The Irishman Whiskey to ensure you get to experience the best whiskeys available in Cork.

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Green asparagus with pea puree, fried egg, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto
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Green asparagus with pea puree, fried egg, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto

Like I’ve said before in a previous post, we are currently smack down in asparagus season. Last time I cooked some white asparagus, but this week it’s all about green asparagus. So I went down to the store and bought some of these delicious green asparagus for not one, but two brand new recipes! The first one is this little bowl of sunshine with green asparagus, pea mousse, fried egg, some greens and prosciutto. It has all the right ingredients for a perfect breakfast, brunch or lunch: healthy greens and veggies topped off with a beautifully fried egg.

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Mother's Day Gifts 2017
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Mother’s day Inspiration 2017

With Mother’s day around the corner for Ireland and the UK (and Nigeria), I had a look around some of my favourite shops to come up with a list of 4 gifts that you can give to your mom this year! It wasn’t an easy task though, to come up with my favourites cause every store just had so much to offer! In the end I went for a combination of a gorgeous vase (pro tip: get your mum some flowers at the same time), a warm and beautifully woven woollen throw, a Chinese teapot and a scented candle.

All of these are for sale in shops you can find all over Ireland: Debenhams, Meadows & Byrne and Dunnes Stores. Hope you all find something great for your mom and to all the mums out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

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Carrot cake with dates, sultanas and an orange - sugar icing
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Carrot cake with dates, sultanas and an orange – sugar glaze (Gluten-free and Dairy-free)

Being told you’re intolerant to wheat, milk (cow, goat and sheep unfortunately) is an absolute bummer to say the least, cause it right away means bye bye to all those lovely desserts cause let me tell you, it’s pretty hard to find a dessert that’s not made with milk or flour. But luckily thanks to Victoria Hall I discovered that carrot cake can be made without either of them! Thanks to her fantastic book ‘This is gluten-free‘ I learned how to substitute normal four with gluten-free one in most cakes & bakes so I was finally able to come up with my very own (and also very first) carrot cake!

Apart from the traditional ones I added loads of other ingredients, like cinnamon, orange peel as well as dates and sultanas to give it a really rich and sweet flavour. The glaze on top was inspired by Victoria as well, as she mentioned it in her book.

Now don’t be thinking that because I use gluten-free flour and no dairy at all, that this cake will taste horribly, cause I’ve put it to the test by bringing it to work (not once, not twice but three times!) and got great comments each time. If you have no issues with gluten or wheat you can of course just use normal flour, the other quantities will stay the same.

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Honey-Spelt Bread
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Honey-Spelt Bread

This homemade honey-spelt bread recipe is one that I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time now! Ever since I found out I can’t eat wheat anymore, I’ve had to switch from eating regular brown or soda bread to alternatives. I first started out with gluten-free bread, but since I don’t actually have any problems with gluten, I switched to trying rye and spelt bread. I wasn’t too fond of the rye bread myself, I prefer rye as crackers, but damn I love spelt bread!

After buying spelt & honey bread in the supermarket for ages, I bought a bag of wholemeal spelt flour, so I could make my own. It then took me months before I actually had the balls to try and make it myself, cause I really was worried it would turn out horribly. 

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St. Patrick's Day 2017: Recipe inspiration
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St. Patrick’s Day 2017: Recipe inspiration

It’s almost that time of year again that nearly 5 million people celebrate being Irish, and millions of others wish they were. I’ve made quite a lot more recipes involving either Irish ingredients or based on traditional Irish recipes this last year, so there’s plenty for you all to choose from! Make sure to shop for local products as well, so you’ll have the best of the Irish produce when cooking any of these recipes.

I hope you all have a fantastic day on Friday, let me know in the comments below how you plan on celebrating!

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Crunchy Homemade Pan Fried Tater Tots with Irish Rooster Potatoes
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Crunchy Homemade Pan Fried Tater Tots with Irish Rooster Potatoes

This recipe is one that I made for my brother, as he’s the one who mentioned it to me and asked if I could whip up a recipe for him. I must admit when he first asked me about Tater Tots, I had no idea what he was talking about but it sure looked like a tasty treat! I personally really like potato croquettes so I wasn’t too sure if I would end up liking Tater Tots but they were an absolute delight! Crunchy on the outside, fragile and soft on the inside: fantastic! I read that they are considered kid’s food in a lot of places, but as I didn’t grow up with them I personally don’t get it, especially when you add loads of herbs and spices like garlic powder, as kids generally don’t tend to like it that much. I’ll for sure be making more ‘grown-up’ tater tots inspired recipes in the future, with the first one up being a sweet potato version!

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Electric Cork - Fishbar
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Electric Cork – Fishbar

After the fantastic dinner I had at Electric’s Restaurant during Cork’s Burger Festival, I just had to go back to try their Fish Bar as well, after seeing a sneak peek of it already during my last visit. I had already seen the gorgeous views before, but I had no idea what to expect when it came down to the food, and I must say my partner and I were absolutely over the moon with what we ate that night!

But let’s start with the beginning: what and where can you find Electric’s Fish Bar? “This riverside bar, situated on the first floor of Electric has panoramic views of the Trinty Church and St Finbarr’s Cathedral, as well the River Lee which cascades on the weir below. Drop anchor & order the freshest fish, simply cooked, unadorned, letting the fish talk for itself, 1/2 dozen oysters, crab claws, fish stew, .. The FishBar at Electric brings a taste of the sea to the City. No reservation required, so drop by today. 

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Coast: Recipes from Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way
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Book Tip March 2017: Coast – Recipes from Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way by Rachel Allen

Happy March everyone! I always love March because that’s when we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Even before I moved to Ireland I had been celebrating it with my friends in Belgium, which was always such good fun! In honour of Ireland’s most globally celebrate event, I have decided to pick an Irish book tip of the month as well. It’s not a new release, but it is just such a good book I had to share it with you ‘Coast: Recipes from Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way‘ by Rachel Allen.

Ever since moving to Ireland I’ve become very passionate about using local ingredients, as Ireland has so much to offer when it comes to fresh and locally sourced food. There’s a large variety of local produce, whether it’s top quality beef or farm fresh sauces: there’s a lot to choose from!

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Cauliflower soup with turmeric and soy cream
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Cauliflower soup with turmeric and soy cream

One of my favourite vegetables to eat during the Winter has to be cauliflower. It’s available all year round of course, but I personally think of it more as something you have during the colder months, but that’s mostly because of the recipes I cook with it are better suited for Autumn or Winter. This will probably also be my last Winter soup recipe as well, any soups I make in the following months will be lighter and possible even chilled soup, so I hope you’ll enjoy this Cauliflower soup as much as I did!

I kept this recipe quite easy, no oven grilling this time like I did with my roasted tomato and butternut squash soups. I also only used really basic ingredients, so I decided to add a bit of a twist to it by using turmeric to spice things up and soy cream to make it suitable for vegans and people with dairy-intolerance or allergies. If you’ve never tried soy cream before I highly recommend you give it a go, you won’t be able to taste it at all!

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